Spoiler alert: the first labours of Hercules Trophy Mechelen 2019


Spoiler alert: the first labours of Hercules Trophy Mechelen 2019. The Hercules Trophies on the 21st, 22nd an 23rd of June in Mechelen are coming closer each and every day. We will once again bring you the exciting and epic labours the Herculean way. We’ve added some ‘not to be missed’ gems to the schedule. Discover the first two here:

Water World

Spoiler alert: the first labours of Hercules Trophy Mechelen 2019! Not afraid of getting wet water? Do you like facing some obstacles? Then our first one will definitely be your thing! With ‘Water World’, powered by David Lloyd Antwerp, you’ll have the perfect combination of strength and endurance. Clear your way through the different sectors together with your team. The objective is to not drop the course and realize the best possible time! So, try to get in touch with your inner animal and make sure you reach the far side in one (dry) piece!

Picture Water World parcours

Suzuki Swift Road Trip

If you suffer from true wanderlust, you’ll have the upper hand in the second labour, especially when you’re a hell of a packer! Try to collect your bags, pack it up and fit it all in one Suzuki Swift is what you’re trying to do. Oh, and don’t forget to take your teammates along on your trip. This the recipe for another ‘not to be missed’ labour that guarantees loads of hilarious moments.

Suzuki Swift Roadtrip picture

6 reasons why you should be there!

  1. Learn to connect with your colleagues in a playful way.
  2. Extend your network by establishing contacts during one of the 12 labours.
  3. Our delicious snacks and drinks (like duh).
  4. Enjoy the great vibes, absolutely during the afterparty!
  5. Come as a company, leave as a team!
  6. Hercules Trophy only celebrates its 20th year of existence once ?

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