Sense of belonging is key to engagement


Sense of belonging is key to engagement. It is commonly known that we, as human beings, have a deep need to belong somewhere. Not only to our family or friends but especially to our workplace. A lot of people seem to be much more motivated or energized and contribute way better when they feel like they belong. Karyn TwaroniteGlobal Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer at EY – explains that recent research shows the impact of this sense of belonging, but not in the way we might expect..

The research was called the EY Belonging Barometer and surveyed 1000 employed American adults in order to have a better understanding of this phenomenon. Surprisingly, their study showed the evidence the situation by illustrating that more than 40% of the American adults feels physically or emotionally isolated at their current workplace. A lot of them tend to refer to their homes as to where they feel the greatest sense of belonging, while many of them spend the most of their time at work. Another interesting fact is that 39% of the respondents experience the greatest sense of belonging when they are checking-in with their colleagues.

The message is clear: a lot of people are seeking for more connection with those they work with.

Employees working at the same desk, but all by themselves

According to Twaronite even daily opportunities, like a simple “How are you doing?” could do the trick when it comes to connecting with your colleagues. Just as check-ins are a time to try and listen to your colleague’s perspectives instead of having a fierce debate. At the same time, starting any conversation with colleagues assuming positive intent will help you understand that they mean well. Furthermore, she mentions that making yourself vulnerable is nothing to be ashamed about. Seeking feedback from subordinates and demonstrating your trust in them actually enhances the relationships you have with peers or colleagues. And ultimately, try to be consistent and accountable, even in difficult times or during tough conversations.

Sense of belonging is key to engagement. The key is to understand that that the journey towards true engagement of your workforce is an endless one. It is a continuous path that you take together with your colleagues. That’s why at Herculean, we inspire you to transform your workforce into the true ambassadors they can become. We work on employee engagement through formats, workshops, team events and measure, organize and support your community through our online platform. We believe that the Herculean recipe for success enables you to create a workplace-community that does more while doing it better!