What’s next? Following 3 Herculean labours


What’s next? Following 3 Herculean labours. Recently, we published the first two labours of the Hercules Trophy. The classics Water World’ and ‘Suzuki Roadtrip immediately set the tone. But what’s next? Following 3 Herculean labours: Today, we add 3 whoppers to the menu:

No. 3: Bumper Balls

Oh yes, once again, Bumper Balls will be one of the challenges. And speaking of a challenge… Expect a feisty one! Because this challenge requires some ball control. And that’s meant to be taken literally. Wrapped in an inflatable ball, your soccer skills and teamwork will be put to the test during this rather frivolous match. Do you know some great players? Add them to your line-up!

No. 4: Truck Pulling

Which team possesses the power of ancient hero Hercules? You see, for the Truck Pulling challenge, muscles come in very handy. Join forces and try to drag the truck down the course is what you’re trying to do. You better bring a dose of perseverance and cooperation. That’s certainly what we derive from the following selection from previous editions… Give it your all!

No. 5: Brain Labour

The more experienced Herculeans among you already know that some brainiacs are of great value to your team. Especially if you wish to receive the Smartest Team Award. We recommend putting the brains together to find as many correct answers in the best possible time. Geniuses be able to score some great points early in the game.

7 reasons why you should join the Hercules Trophy:

  1. The first two were already spectacular?!
  2. Get to know your colleagues in a playful way.
  3. Network at full speed in between the labours.
  4. The nibbles and drinks (what else).
  5. Enjoy the Herculean vibe, also during the after-party!
  6. Come as a company, leave as a team.
  7. Hercules Trophy only celebrates its 20th anniversary once ?