Customer delight thanks to employee engagement, not the other way around.


Customer delight thanks to employee engagement, not the other way around.
‘Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first’ –
Simon Sinek

Customer delight thanks to employee engagement, not the other way around. A lot of organisations are already familiar with the customer-service tool ‘Net Promotor Score (NPS)’. More and more companies use this indicator to examine customer loyalty and the extent to which customers would recommend their company to others. Additionally, it connects the customer feedback with the right people within the organisation. Afterwards, they proudly present the results of the level of customer loyalty with their audience. In this way, they think it brings them full circle, but they overlook the fact that this circle actually begins internally. Yes, with your own workforce.

eNPS: measure the engagement of your employees

Employees who are thrilled to work for you, who unhesitatingly put in the effort for your company are a dream for every employer. That sense of engagement results in employees that are loyal to your organisation, who feel happy and eventually will endorse your organisation within their network. Well, if you wish to measure this employee engagement, that’s when the employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) comes in. This indicator shows a score that represents the degree to which employees would promote your organisation as a workplace and what they experience as positive or rather negative. These insights get you started to eventually create an organisation loaded with ambassadors.

But why are these ambassadors crucial for your company? Well, according to a report from Gallup still 87% of employees worldwide miss this sense of engagement. And all that while we’re seeing that the link between customer delight and employee engagement is clearer than ever: companies with engaged employees generate twice as much income and quadruple their profit. In other words, happy employees make happy customers make happy shareholders. It’s that simple.

Free employee engagement test

In the context of this worldwide problem, we launched our very own Happiness test. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) we aim to discover deeper insights to improve engagement. By resetting the checkpoint, you’re heading the right path to an engaged workforce. After all, measurement brings knowledge and it’s the perfect jumping-off point.

Are you curious about your own engagement score?
• Do you wish to know more about your teams’ engagement, as an executive?

Fill out our engagement test to discover your personal score. It’s free and anonymous. You will also receive our whitepaper filled with tips & tricks. After completing the test, you can create a group to measure eNPS within your team!

Do you wish to get to work with a complete employee engagement platform for your organisation that not only allows you to measure but also minimizes the administrative hassle that comes with an employee engagement platform? Get in touch and we’ll send a Herculean to the rescue.

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