The big 4. Here are the next Herculean Labours!


The big 4. Here are the next Herculean Labours! No Hercules Trophy without unforgettable labours. You already know the first 5 for Hercules Trophy Belgium 2019. But we’re convinced that you are curious for the others! So take a seat, relax while reading this blog and then make sure to register for the 2019 Hercules Trophy!

Nr 6. Sky Bikes powered by Telenet Business

Are you the quickest cyclist of your group and a real dare devil? Then the Telenet Business Sky Bike labour is the one for you! A competition where you need to cycle 60 meters in the air is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. Make sure not to miss the amazing view!

Who can channel their inner cyclist the most, reach the top first and carry their team to victory?

Nr 7. Blindfolded Golf Carts – powered by ‘Made in’

You might think driving a golfcart isn’t so hard. But what if you’re blindfolded? And what if you have to complete tasks at the same time? Trusting and working together with your team mates suddenly becomes very important!

For this challenge, you will need to complete a course with your team while driving a golfcart blindfolded. Up to the finish you will need to overcome some obstacles. Make sure to guide your driver in the best way you can! The team who trusts each other without doubt will race straight to victory.

“Together with our entrepreneur platform Made In (Mechelen) we have been a loyal partner to Hercules Trophy for many years and we stand 100% behind their mission. The positive vibes, impressive activities and focus on “Teamwork achieves more” contribute to our own team spirit. This remains a yearly tradition to which our
colleagues looks forward to each year!”

Talisa Martin, Marketing Manager Made In

Nr 8. Belly Slide

The only challenge where a firm bear belly can give you an advantge! Who doesn’t think it’s fun to slide on a slipperly slope as far as you can? Nobody! The distances from each team member gets add up. This labour guarantees you a good laugh!

Are you built like a rocket? (We hope not, but at least a bit aerodynamic?) Then make sure not to miss this labour!

Nr 9. Archery Tag

If you love to play paintball, then this labour will be perfect for you. Archery Tag requires you to steal the flag from the other teams and deliver them to your camp. Not getting hit by an arrow from your opponents is crucial here! The more people from your team remain, the more points you will earn. You can also play it tactically and take out the opponent’s board. Which team will be the smartest and shoot themselves to victory?

Are you also starting to feel the jitters? Because we already are! 9 of 12 Labours are announced until now and the final 3 are coming soon.

Everything is starting to take form and we’re gonna make 21,22 and 23 june an edition to never forget!

See you then!