VTM Kids Trophy: A brand new concept for cool kids


VTM Kids Trophy: A brand new concept for cool kids! VTM Kids, the main TV station for children in Belgium and Hercules Trophy are joining forces and will be organizing the VTM Kids Trophy” on Sunday june 23th. This is a brand new concept for kids between ages 6 and 14.

The format

VTM Kids Trophy is based on the recipe of success of the international Hercules Trophy competition, whhich is celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

In teams of 3 to 4 of their friends, the kids will conquer the 12 labors of Hercules. These labors require a combination of teamwork, speed, agility and brain power and are completely accessible to children between the age of 6 and 14. However a sporty condition is still not a requirement. Everyone can join!

How about an unforgettable end to the school year in a festival atmosphere, with mums and dads as team coaches. VTM Kids wants to give the children an awesome, active experience. Everyone will be a winner, everyone will party along and will have the unique chance to meet some of the famous VTM Kids faces.

VTM Kids Trophy: A brand new concept for cool kids

During Hercules Trophy and Pink Ladies Games

For several years, we have been asked to also bring our idea to children. We have been organizing cool challenges for the families of participating companies. Now we are going one step further and will be opening up the event to everyone. With VTM Kids we have found the ideal partner for this.Inge Van Belle, co-founder of Herculean, the holding behind Hercules Trophy.At the same time, Hercules Trophy (Family Edition) and the Pink Ladies Games will be held at the same location. The participating teams can also bring their children and give them an unforgettable day!

It’s not so much about the sports angle. On the contrary, it’s going to be a unique day filled with new challenges, entertainment and some sparkling performances! Nice to know: children under the age of 6 are also welcome to come. A special Mini Village will set up for them,

VTM Kids Trophy: A brand new concept for cool kids

Info and registration

VYM Kids Trophy on Sunday 23 June as from 10 a.m. Info and tickets via