Life as it is: the Herculean crew


Life as it is: the Herculean crew. Hey hey, Here I am again! Did you see my blog post about my experience with Herculean; how I grew from crew to intern and how I’m living the worklife.

Last time I talked aboout my internship, but not as much being part of the crew and how it works. Let’s find out what it feels like to be a Herculean crew member…

Happy employees make…

Life as it is: the Herculean crew. As crew member of Herculean, you don’t just feel like another number. Herculean strives to achieve the following goals:

Feel good

Herculean tries to make you feel good and important. This is a very important aspect that is often overlooked in a lot of organisations. The crew is the backbone of your event, your company and the success of the day. The organisation falls or stands because of them, never forget. Happy employees make happy customers.

Work prepared

I really appreciate that everything is well explained beforehand. because then I know what’s expected. This is super convenient and a real must.

Engage as a volunteer

You are working as a volunteer – a privilege as a student – and you will get an fair compensation for the work.

Be happy and grow

Finally, it feels like a holiday and the experienc is just f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c. Loads of fun, entertainment and the possibility to network. Additionally you will get the chance to come out of your shell and be your true self, simply amazing!

There are so many more reasons why I’m proud to be part of this amazing team. But hey, you should just experience it first-hand to be able to agree with me 😉.

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Pink Ladies Games De Panne 2018

Wanted: 100 Hercules Crewies

After having organised many amazing events, we can say that 2018 was a fantastic year. The hundreds of crew members, who fully gave all their effort to gain maximum satisfaction, seemed to really enjoy it.

Today we are looking for approximately 100 crewies. Not too much considering we are celebrating 20 years of Hercules Trophy this year! Even if we already have a lot of crewies, we are still missing some: you 😉

Are you 16+, motivated, enthusiastic, spontaneous and jolly? Then you are what we are looking for!

10 reasons why you should join as a crew member too

What does Herculean have in store for you? Why should you be part of our super awesome Hercules Crew Team? Well, it’s a long shopping list:

  1. You’re working as a volunteer and will receive a good wage.
  2. A good feeling starts with good food. At the Hercules Trophy you receive 3 delicious meals with additional drinks.
  3. You will meet many new people, also clients! That’s nice bonus for your business life.
  4. It’s not just an average teambuilding day, but it can be rather spectacular. And you can be part of this.
  5. There are many different jobs, ranging from scorekeeper to hospitality crew. Let us know what you’re good at and we will keep it in account.
  6. Are you looking for an internship? We would like to welcome you to our team! And if everything goes well, you will have the chance to grow with us. By the way, did you know that we’re training at least 7 interns this year?
  7. You will receive an official CREW t-shirt. That way you won’t have to worry about your outfit.
  8. You can sing and shout along to Regi, Willy Sommers, 2Fabiola, Cookies and Cream,…
  9. You’re able to close the day – together with your new friends – in a fantastic afterparty!
  10. Afraid to come solo? Then just bring your friends! They are very welcome to strengthen our crew.

Life as it is: the Herculean crew, Sounds great!! right?

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Now you walk the talk

  • Step 1: Register via
  • Step 2: Select when you are available.
  • Step 3: We add you to our planning and give you your first super fun Herculean task!

Done? SUPER! That means we’re colleagues from now on, WOOHOO!

I’m really looking forward to welcome you to the Hercules Crew Team and to work together with you.

See you soon crewy!

xoxo, Paulien