Interactive Employee Engagement Index: live!


Interactive Employee Engagement Index: live! On International Happiness Day 2019, we launched our very own Employee Engagement Survey. Free and anonymous. Thousands of people did the test. 2 months later, we are proud to announce the interactive index. On top of the index, we also developped a mini guide you can use to improve employee engagement.

Herculean has been in the employee engagement industry for the past 20 years in over 10 countries with own offices in Dubai, Belgium and New York. When our founder, geek by nature, attended the Microsoft Inspire 2018 convention in Las Vegas, he was inspired by Satya Nadella’s bold statement:

In the age of Digital Transformation, people engagement should be our number one priority.” Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

The statement resonated with every cell in his body (when that happens, we know that “a lot of hard work” is coming our way :-). The challenge in front of us is indeed huge:

An inconvenient truth: 87% of employees are currently not engaged or even disengaged.” Source: Gallup 2018

During the presentations that followed, he realised that through the power of Artificial Intelligence, we might be able to gain more insights in the subject and improve employee engagement all over the world. Because, make no mistake:

“The pursuit of happiness is serious business.” General Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary 

The development team got to work and migrated the existing Herculean platform to Microsoft AZURE and added the required features. Why? Because we needed to cope with scale, security, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, bots and so on (and because our founder is a Microsoft fan since day one). It took us only 2 months! We also started working with Microsoft Teams and other amazing productivity tools because we believe in the power of technology to improve engagement. Open communication, going for worldclass and cheering each others to victory are crucial components and Microsoft Teams helps us to achieve those.

Interactive Employee Engagement Index: live! What’s in it for you?

  1. You can consult the interactive index here. It’s free.
  2. Want to receive the whitepaper (they call it mini guides these days)? Do the test first. It takes no more than 15 minutes and you help improve the world!
  3. Want to share the test with your colleagues? At the end of your test, you will receive your own URL you can share with your colleagues.
  4. Want to start working on initiatives to improve employee engagement at your company? Call us. We can set-up your private environment with your colors and logo and extra features to get to work.
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