Can we do late workouts?


Can we do late workouts? Are you worried that, if you work out before bed time, you will have a restless night ahead of you?

We’ve got news for you. It’s perfectly possible to work out 30 to 35 minutes before going to bed. Don’t let long workdays, dinner or other late pursuits be an excuse to avoid keeping your body healthy.

Can we do late workouts? Here are a few tips for a fun and challenging work out! Fun fact: You can even do these right beside your bed. Isn’t that awesome?

1. Squats

Work on that ass with 3 sequences of 30 squats. Try going as deep as you can or try using the height of your bed and touching the mattress. Are normal squats too easy for you? Then upgrade to the ‘jump squats’. Pay attention to the neighbours beneath you of course!


2. Lunges

Mmm, laying in bed can really feel so good… Oh dear, did you forget to brush your teeth or need to go to the toilet? You can lunge to the bathroom and back! And while you’re at it, do it a second time, and then a third…

3. Planking

There’s nothing more wonderful than to feel those abdominal muscles burning, right? Work in sets of 3 and try to hold your plank form for 30 to 60 seconds. Great moment to think about what you’re gonna wear tomorrow for work. 😉 #burnbabyburn

4. Push-ups

This exercise can be done on either hands and feet or hands and knees. Choose the posture which suits you best and try going for 3 sets of 30 reps. Want to go another step further? Tap your bed (switching left and right) with stretched arm after every push-up. #pushitrealgood

5. Yoga & Pilates

Let your stress after an exhausting day of work disappear by doing a session of yoga or Pilates. Both provide a relaxed feeling and are also really good for your body. No idea how to start? Look for a fun online lesson or use a manual, lay comfortably (on a mat) on the ground and go for it! It’s as simple as that. #taketimetomakeyoursoulhappy

6. Calf raises

This exercise is preferred by many people. The reason is most likely because it’s a really easy one and can be easily combined with other activities such as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, removing your make-up and so on… 1 to 3 minutes of multitasking: that’s totally up our lane!

7. Sit ups

A classic one, but very effective. Lay yourself on your cozy bedroom rug en work those abs! Strive for 3 sets of 30 to 50 reps. Yes, we know, this is the perfect posture to fall asleep, but hey!, keep going! #don’tbelikemark

“I do one sit up a day. I get up in the morning, that’s the first half. I lay down at night, that’s the second half.”

-Mark Lowry-

8. Jumping Jacks

Still have a lot of energy during the evening and want to get rid of it? Do 20 to 30 jumping jacks, but you know, times 3. Why don’t we try this on the bed? If your bed can handle this, why not? Fun guaranteed! Make sure to be careful for your ankles, your partner and your teddy bear…

Keep calm and stretch on

Can we do late workouts? Yes we can!

Oh, don’t forget to stretch! You can do this in your bed if you want to be lazy. Stretch all the way and enjoy your satisfactory, well-earned rest.

Well then, good night. Tomorrow morning you will be bursting with energy and feeling fresh! 🙂

We found this content through msn and gave it an Herculean touch.