employee engagement awards jury

Rapid Fire Q&A – Employee Engagement Awards Dubai


Meet 12 of the Expert and NextGen jurors of the Employee Engagement Awards Dubai in a Rapid Fire Q&A. It will put a smile on your face. 12 more to come.

Get to know the jurors well, because they will decide if your case will make it to the TV show! How will they judge? What is the ideal case? Can they be bribed?

Why would you join the Employee Engagement Awards and what’s the return of this amazing journey?

  • Upgrade your employee engagement strategy.
  • Learn & share insights with other candidates & experts.
  • Measure and improve key drivers impacting engagement.
  • Boost your employer brand and show that you care about people.
  • Involve your teams, give them perspective, have fun & raise engagement.
  • Connect with other leaders & experts (inter)nationally.
  • Win an award and transform your employees into ambassadors.
  • It’s Covid proof!

Are you interested to start your employee engagement journey with us? The Employee Engagement Awards are your perfect catalyst to drive change in a positive way. Contact us and one of our facilitators will explain you all the benefits this TV format has to offer.

The Employee Engagement Awards are a Herculean Alliance experience. We organise, but don’t judge. We are employee engagement specialists. Crafting powerful workforces since 1999 with offices in Belgium and Dubai. We are building an ecosystem of experts and formats connected by our platform in 4 domains: aurafabricamachina and arenaWe help you build your tribe!