Flow to Grow: 6 misunderstandings about mindfulness and meditation


Flow to Grow: 6 misunderstandings about mindfulness and meditation. Not so long ago, we had the opportunity to meet a special woman, Sofie-Anne Heyse. Besides being an active member of the Fierce Ladies Club, Sofie-Anne is also a founder of Flow to Grow. She helps entrepreneurs and leaders to be more intuitive and honest in their business lives. Her mission is to integrate consciousness in business in order to become an inspiring and meaningful leader. sofie an

Next to being a mindfulness trainer, Sofie-Anne is also specialized in CranioSacral therapy and took worldwide training sessions in philosophy, psychology, constellations, etc. A recent article she wrote about mindfulness and the misunderstandings surrounding caught our attention. You will find the original blog post here.

“By meditating I will stop thinking”

To stop thinking is quite a challenge and rather impossible. Even if you’d be meditating in the Himalaya for a couple of years, hoping to not have any irritations around you, thoughts will be passing by. The purpose of meditation is not to stop your thoughts. You intend to observe your thoughts.

“By being mindful, my stress will disappear”

People who are mindful in life, experience stress just as everyone else. Stressful situations will always occur. The difference is in your relationship with stress and the way you deal with stress. You see the difference between your part of the responsibility and someone else’s part.

“Meditation is floaty”

It looks floaty, but it isn’t: meditation helps you to lay the foundations, to anchor and to center. By turning your attention to the inside, you learn to connect with your ‘inside world’. By starting to get to know you better, you can take better care of yourself and you learn to more consciously co-ordinate with what resonates with your deepest core. After that, it’s time for action.

Meditation is not my cup of tea. I can’t keep calm: I would rather exercise

Exercising is healthy and will stay healthy. When you get ‘in the zone’, it is a very good way to “clear your head” and to recharge the batteries. Still, it’s a trap if you want to replace exercising by meditating. You’ll encounter yourself and that’s often unpleasant. That’s why we start making up excuses to certainly not become quiet. Thus, exercising can fit within escape behavior. It can also be an and/and store…

I meditated the wrong way

You simply cannot meditate the wrong way. The only thing that could so wrong is that you do not meditate at all. Meditation can be an enjoyable one as well as an unpleasant one. Whatever you experience, it’s part of the flow of life. Meditation reflects the ups and downs of daily life.

Mindfulness is hype and will soon disappear

Mindfulness and meditation are slowly making their entrance in the Western way of living. It helps us to slow ourselves down and it gives us a healthier view on the hectic of life. The process of conscientization is increasing at a record-breaking pace. By learning to meditate yourself and enlarging your own process of conscientization, you’ll run way easier in the natural flow of life.

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