10 tips for the perfect summer body


10 tips for the perfect summer body. We know the summer still seems far off. But getting a headstart on your summerbody isn’t a bad thing! You will be perfectly on time to be in shape to rock that body on the beach. Because who doesn’t want Pamela Anderson’s or Zac Efron’s killer Baywatch body?!

Maybe you have taped your head to the body of a beautiful man or woman and dreamt it was really you.

Don’t worry we will make that dream come to fulfilling! With these 10 tips for the perfect summer body, you won’t have to pretend anymore and get a real life summer body and the WOW-effect you always desired!

1. Never (ever) skip breakfast

Either getting up too late in the morning or not having an appetite: it happens to the best of us. But it isn’t healthy! Since the result is often an unhealthy snack later in the day.

2. Best (sports) pals

Working out together with your BFF or partner and hearing about the latest gossip is much more fun than being alone. When you’re together, you will not tend to give up so quickly and you can encourage eachother. You can do it!

3. Water is key

Drinking a lot of water is very important. Your body needs it as fuel to keep on moving and to quicken your bodily processes. And something else… water doesn’t contain calories, so drink that stuff!

4. Keep your goals realistic

Let’s face it: Turning into Pamela Anderson overnight won’t happen. This is why it’s good to set up multiple, small and realistic goals to strive to. Just begin with one small step.

5. Seven minutes

Not really a fitness fan? Then the 7 minute workout or “mini workout” is the thing for you! Starting your morning with a small training session is perfect to start the day fresh.


6. Cheat day, best day

Having a cheat day once a week can do miracles to keep on going. On this day you’re allowed to eat everything you want and be as lazy as you want without feeling guilty! #sinday

7. An apple a day…

Seems our moms were right: Fruits and vegetables contain certain vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to have a proper metabolism. Protection against disease is also activated by these. Each vegetable/fruit has its own cocktail of vitamins and minerals, so adequate variation is important.

8. Slower is better

When you’re eating slow, you will get the feeling you’re full much sooner. You wille at less while still taking in sufficient vitamines, carbs and other nutrients. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy your food and company even more! Advantages only! 

9. Take it easy

Fatburning occurs mostly when you are working out on low intensity. In short, jogging for an hour is ideal. Having a cosy chat and laugh during your jog won’t be a problem anymore.

10. Do it for… yourself

It’s all about how you want to be seen and not how others see you. Make sure you are happy with yourself and your body. Be a (wo)man with a voice! 

So now you throw that photoshopped picture in the thrash and start working that body!