Daman Customer Challenge

Daman Customer Challenge. Looking at yourself and the issues you can improve through the eyes of the customer: that requires a lot of courage and humor!

That’s exactly what we did with Daman Health Insurance, the leading health insurance specialist in the UAE. Herculean Alliance was chosen as trusted partner to guide Daman through the whole process with a massive teamevent to celebrate the transformation and focus on the most important issues.

Gamification is key

At Herculean Alliance, we believe in the power of gamification. Looking to transform your company and your people? Measure the as is situation, decide on where you want to be in a year from now, make a plan with challenges that create awareness and work towards a “moment that matters” where people are rewarded. Go phygital. With a platform to prepare people and a physical event to really connect. Herculean Alliance can help you in every aspect of this transformation and that’s exactly what we did for the Daman Customer Challenge.

Customer Challenge Herculean Alliance

Employee engagement drives customer delight

Anja Helbig, Head of Corporate Functions at Daman Health:
“The majority of our employees work from the office and don’ t have direct customer facing. We wanted to let everybody feel like the customer. Through role plan and gamification we achieved that. Everybody had a lot of fun and learned something. Mission accomplished.”

Herculean Aliance, employee engagement specialists. Crafting powerful workforce since 1999. Building an international ecosystem of experts and formats in 4 domains: Aura, Fabrica, Machina and Arena. With the Employee Engagement Awards as cherry on the cake.

Customer Challenge Herculean Alliance