Fan Friday: Buroform!

Fan Friday: Buroform! Buroform is a modern graphics company, with a strong focus on innovation. They offer solutions to all your printing needs, as well as to every other possible media concern of yours. Next to that, Buroform takes care of the layout and physical production of “BO Magazine”. The company has been growing exponentially for the past years and now possesses a communication department and a sophisticated online platform that allows all of its local resellers to access a client’s marketing material.

Instead of fearing that online technology would cannibalize their offline returns, Buroform’s top management realized that on- and offline media actually complement each other. This knowledge led to the further implementation of the online section in their product offering and is one of the major reasons behind their long lasting success. There’s more to their success: Buroform firmly believes in the value of its employees and stresses the importance of teambuilding and corporate wellbeing.

Buroform has become a valued Hercules Trophy partner. It all started with participating at the New York Hercules Trophy, and now it has become a three year long fruitful partnership.

Vlaggen (incl. DeHauwere)

When asked what drives Buroform, HR & Finance manager Kristel Verhaegen states: “Colleagues working together towards one goal, doing their utmost best in order to win; that winning spirit lasts longer than the event itself and definitely has a positive effect on our employees’ moraleThere’s no teambuilding event like the Hercules Trophy. The unique atmosphere, the accessibility to everyone –even for people who never exercise- and the wide variety in both labours and entertainment, are what truly sets it apart.

Noticeably excited for the Hercules Trophy 2016, she continues: “It’s usually rather hard to find employees willing to take part in a teambuilding event during weekends. But that’s not the case for Hercules Trophy. Our employees bring their children and partners, which upgrades the entire event from a teambuilding to a family day. At Buroform, we understand that family is an employee’s number one priority. We try as much as we can to offer our employees a healthy work/life balance. Hercules Trophy is a perfect match for our efforts. This year, we’re sending in not only three teams, but one kids team as well. We’ve even hired a gym teacher to coach the Hercules Kids team, which ensures their parents of a carefree experience and allows them to go all out themselves. It’s going to be great!


Buroform actively contributes to the greatness of the event by producing the “Hercules Update” mini Newspaper. All morning, a team of Buroform reporters and photographers takes interviews of various Hercules Trophy participants. Around noon, they return to their headquarters in Mechelen and start the production process of the newspaper.  In the afternoon, the newspaper is handed out to the Hercules Trophy participants. Live reporting like you haven’t seen it before.

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