Jaguar Land Rover Customer First Team Building Initiative

Jaguar Land Rover Customer First Team Building Initiative. The task for Herculean Alliance was to work with Jaguar Land Rover MENA to breathe life into their Customer First Principles. The venue was chosen – Kempinski the Palm and the areas identified where the event would take place.

The day started off with an interactive workshop followed with a personality discussion. Participants had filled in a personality quiz earlier on and were placed in teams making up the ideal combinations. Instead of teaching the principles top down, we used gamification to make the messages resonate with the employees and open their minds.

We demonstrated that every personality type needs a slightly different approach to make your message stick .Hercules used the Best Practices from Hercules Academy in a “fun” environment to make it lighter. Every employee was instilled with the Customer First values and knew how to apply them within his/her own personality type. Customer First became part of the company’s DNA.

9 personality types were identified: The reformer, loyalist, enthusiast, helper, leader, achiever, thinker, peacemaker, individualist and thinker.

5 challenges were devised to depict the 5 Customer First Principles.


Bubble Soccer: a team game where collaboration is key. Everybody can do it and it certainly is transparent as the balls are!!


Blindfolded Driving: Reliable employees who do what they said they would do. Is there a better way to test this than being blindfolded, driving and having to rely on your


Minute to Win it: Ability to assess a situation and to react quickly. A series of several 1 minute challenges to resolve with the team. Mix of flexibility, reaction and stress resilience.


Waiters Race: When do you tip a waiter? When he has made you feel special! The trick is remembering specific details. Don’t think of an ordinary race. It’s about the story and how to transfer it in a busy environment.


Camel Challenge: This requires balance, brains, teamwork, and speed… all qualities needed to make business dealings easier.

The challenges began with warming-up by a fitness instructor. Every team had its own planning with synchronised different encounters. The event became a combination of training and teambuilding. There were winners selected from each Customer First Principle and the day rounded off with a closing speech from The MD for Jaguar Land Rover MENA.

The results:
Participants come as a company and left as a team.
The Customer First Principles being an integral part of their work ethics and behaviours.