Kanoo Fun Day: Staff and Family day in one

Kanoo Fun Day: Staff and Family day in one. Communication from The Kanoo Group: The Kanoo Group holds Annual Fun Day at Mushrif Park Dubai, UAE: Close to 700 staff members with their families gathered at Mushrif Park, Dubai on 11th February 2017 to celebrate yet another year of fun and laughter for the Annual Kanoo Fun Day.

Kanoo Fun Day by Herculean Alliance

Members of the senior management of The Kanoo Group, Mr. Mishal Kanoo, Chairman and Ms. Maha Kanoo, General Manager – Marketing, HR & Admin graced the occasion together with Mr. Fahad Kanoo, Executive Director-UAE and Mr. Bob Curtis, CEO – UAE & Oman.

Herculean Alliance, employee engagement specialists, was tasked to design and manage this year’s team building games. A total of 56 teams of 7 members each participated in playing 5 different teambuilding games.

The fun started prior to the event wherein all the staff were encouraged to form their own team, select team members, and design some catchy slogans and taglines for their teams. There was also a prior healthy online completion to the event and the team “United Tuskers” led by Mr. Narayanan K. of Service Accounts won the Coolest Team comfortably. United Tuskers also won the award for 100% prior online completion. The friendly Batter between the various team leaders added to the fun element prior to the event.

The event began with staff coming into the park on company-provided buses and with own cars, and registering their teams. After a refreshing round of some welcome drinks and snacks, everyone was tapping to the tunes of Zumba Dance conducted by a professional Zumba trainer. Kids were especially seen enjoying the short dance and exercise.

Various organised games such as Rip Slinger, Minute to Win It, Poly Volley, Disc Golf and French Petanque were each played by competing teams, which have built a sense of camaraderie, fun, teamwork and sportsmanship among players. Team “Magnificent 7” led by Mr. Andre Lopez of Travel emerged as the overall Winner. Team “Immortals” led by Mr. Jackson Pinto landed as First Runner Up and Team “Spartans” led by Mr. Vinay Xavier of Travel as Second Runner Up. Additionally, Team “Zeus”, led by Ms. Zulfika of Shipping walked away with the trophy of Fairest Play.

Ms. Maha Kanoo likewise actively participated in all the games and her presence encouraged other teams to do even better.

The day generally concluded on a positive note which was made possible because of the valuable contributions of team leaders, coordinators, transport and ticket coordinators. Finally, Ms. Maha Kanoo handed over the trophies to the winners and thanked everyone for their attendance and group efforts.

Kanoo Fun Day by Herculean Alliance

On behalf of Herculean Alliance, we would like to thank The Kanoo Group for their enthusiasm and trust. It was a real pleasure to feel the Kanoo vibe, even before the actual event. The enormous amounts of online votes for the Coolest Team Contest showed how eager the participants were.

Special thanks to Mr. Mohammad Tariq, Regional Performance & Rewards Manager, for his continuous effort and energy. This is what Tariq had to say about the Kanoo Fun Day: “Not a quote but a fact…Hercules immensely helped narrow down the gap between the concept of having fun and KANOO“.