Unilin goes on Herculean teambuilding

Unilin goes on Herculean teambuilding. A secret location in the Ardennes, 2 days of content and fun, our platform with the necessary gamification and a great party: our Fabrica team went to work with a very punishable social committee of Unilin to make it an unforgettable experience. A “moment that matters”.

That’s how we like to do it: working together with the customer. The Unilin team knew very well what the objectives were and Hercules Projects provided the extra know-how. It provided the perfect collaboration and an unforgettable two-day event in which the participants pushed their limits.

We don’t release many details because of the strategic content. Safety, strategy, stress management and creativity were just some of the topics. The mix of content and fun created the right rhythm that made the messages resonate better. The camaraderie on the dance floor could count (and we can compare)!

Herculean team building

Do you want to be like Unilin on Herculean teambuilding? Do you want to improve employee engagement? Then we advise you to first do our free and anonymous test. Herculean Alliance can help you create a complete playbook or work out a specific event for you.

About Fabrica

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Your company culture is unique. Your brand is one out of a thousand. And that unique feeling should also translate into the way you interact with your fans, customers, employees, their family or other stakeholders during large and small gatherings.

Organizing an event today is not just ordering some catering and filling a stage with all kinds of gods. All too often, events are seen as “live communication“. They certainly are, but we believe that at every event – small or large – the culture should not be forgotten and that you can even involve your people in the organisation.

You want your people to become true ambassadors of your organisation, club or brand. Of your tribe. You want them to work together and go that extra mile. You want them to come to your event and to attract as little extra work as possible. The combination of our platform and our festival and B2B know-how will solve a lot of challenges for you. We co-create with great pleasure.