Corporate wellbeing at Adecco


Corporate wellbeing at Adecco. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at Adecco, the biggest employment agency and Human Resources provider of the world. The company was founded in 1996 by the merger of the Swiss Adia and France’s Ecco.

Corporate wellbeing at Adecco. Adecco Belgium cares about creating a good working environment. Every year they try their best to be a “Great Place To Work”. This year they were 4th on the ranking of the Best Workplaces in Belgium!

People who work for Adecco also have great opportunity to grow. Adecco gives them lots of new career opportunities within the company. There are also internal and external trainings for the employees so that they can develop their talents.

The employees of Adecco also get to participate at a lot of corporate events. They have participated in 6 Hercules Trophies from 2010 till the most recent one in 2016. Every year they attend a staff party and a jubilee party. And above that every department has its own activities like going on diner with the employees or go bowling together.

Adecco also have a special program in the company: “Win4Youth”. Every year employees run, swim and ride their bicycles for a certain amount of kilometers. The employees register their conquered kilometers on a website. At the end of the year, these kilometers get converted into dollars, which are donated to charity. This motivates the employees to stay healthy and do sports together.

Adecco is one of those companies that concentrate on keeping their employees motivated. By organizing several programs and participating in several corporate events they have achieved a high ranking in the Best Workplaces’ list. This shows that they care about corporate wellbeing and their employees.