Corporate wellbeing @ Danneels



Corporate wellbeing @ Danneels. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today ,we’ll be taking a look at Belgian construction specialist since 1974 Danneels.

Danneels promotes a positive working culture. Their motto: employees who love their work also work better.

Corporate wellbeing @ Danneels. How does it show? It’s the little and the big things in the daily routine at work. It’s by offering small gifts to co-workers on special days. Or organizing cultural, fun and sports group activities outside the working hours. A lot of energy also goes into making the working environment a pleasant one. A key element of the corporate culture is to make sure that everyone’s opinion is heard and respected.

Every person is stimulated to follow job-related training courses. Employees are free suggest a number of classes that they want to follow. Danneels strongly believes that the more their employees know, the smarter the company gets.Furthermore, Danneels offers a multifaceted career. They believe that each employee will be motivated to get the best out of themselves and get the necessary freedom of choice to develop their own vision.

Extra activities are organized on a monthly basis, without any obligations. A few examples of these are a movie night, company quiz, running competition, badminton evening and of course, Hercules Trophy. Danneels participated in 3 Hercules Trophies so far and they have already registered for the 2017 edition. They carry no fitness tests for their employees, but the commitment of the employees is big. They are encouraged by the example of managers who are passionate runners and triathletes who, among others attended the Marathon des Sables, Ironman Roth, etc.

Danneels feels that the interaction between the seniors and younger employees is of great value. This also shows in their recruitment policy that contains a mixed search of more experienced and young employees. Recruitment is done via social media, which include FaceBook, LinkedIn and their website.

Danneels is a company that focuses on a positive working culture by organizing little surprises. Activities are also available but not compulsory. They have participated in several events including the Hercules Trophy. There is no detailed fitness or health plan for the company, but employees are encouraged by the example of their managers and are often invited to several sporting events.

Last but not least, Danneels management believes that it’s important that every employee deserves the same chances no matter what their age, background or gender.