Corporate wellbeing at Cronos


Corporate wellbeing at Cronos. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at Cronos group, the e-business integrator founded in 1991.

With over 3500 employees, Cronos has a mission to continuously track the latest and most valuable information and communication technology. It is Cronos’ challenge to transform this knowledge and experience into strategic solutions.

Cronos promotes a positive working culture. It’s their highest priority. They believe that everybody has to do what he or she likes to do. Cronos provides a very flexible staff policy. A lot of different job opportunities are offered to allow employees to get positive vibes in their job. Working conditions are negotiable. Cronos speaks of ‘Jobbaticals’, not sabbaticals.

These are the words that Cronos used to describe the corporate culture:

  • Good common sense
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Open and honest communication

Cronos stimulate their employees to discover and develop their talents. This is why not only standard training sessions are organized, but several customized development programs as well. Furthermore, the company has its own Entrepreneurs program and its own corporate wellbeing package, named ‘Cronos Care‘.

In addition to this, Cronos provides diverse careers with new chances and other career opportunities. Everyone is treated the same way even when there’s an age difference.

It’s clear that Cronos focuses on getting a positive working culture, by offering i.a. a flexible staff policy, stimulating their employees to develop their talents and participating in team events. Equality is one of their main focuses too: everyone should deserve the same treatment and opportunities.

A lot of the different Cronos companies have already participated in numerous Hercules Trophies since more than 10 years, to increase their morale and overall atmosphere in the company.