Wanted: interns & crew at events


Wanted: interns & crew at events. Working at Herculean, is a fantastic experience, both on a personal and a professional level, according to one of our most recent interns. Reinaart has joined the company a couple months ago and has by now completely embraced the Herculean vibe. Here’s his view on working at the international corporate wellbeing and sportainment company:

Wanted: interns & crew at events. “Before starting my internship here, I’ve worked at numerous Herculean events, from the Flair Games, to the Belgian Hercules Trophies and even at Fifthplay’s company team day, a Hercules Project. My experiences during the Flair games, in Middelkerke, Aalst, Lier and Roeselare, made me realize that these events are really fun and I barely felt like I was working at all. Monitoring hundreds of women changing car tyres as fast as they could, playing soccer with leaf blowers,… It’s simply unreal.

Being promised of having even more fun, I signed up for the Hercules Trophies in Antwerp and MechelenWorking at a Hercules Trophy, just feels like going on a city trip. Never a dull moment, lots of party time (great DJ’s!), free drinks and lovely food provided. Even overnight stay is included for those who want it. So basically, you get three days of fun with friends and some money on the side. It truly is an overwhelming experience, to see thousands of corporate employees having a blast and proving their worth in the most hilarious and original challenges. Once you get what it’s all about, you’ll never want another student job. That’s the case for me at least!

It didn’t take me long to realize I’d love to do my internship at Herculean and I practically got the job as soon as I applied for it. Even though I’ve only been working as an intern for a couple of months now, I already really feel part of the team.

My mentor and colleagues quickly realized what my strengths were and actually give me fitting assignments. I fully understand that the value generated by my work, will have a positive effect on Herculean for years after my internship is over. It feels great to be involved in meaningful work, as opposed to the cliché of interns having to bring coffee around all day long. Next to that, my working days start at 10 A.M. and that’s a real blessing for me!

To sum it all up: I totally get why Thomas, one of my former class mates, has decided to stick around here. My internship will soon be over, but you’ll definitely find me working at the Herculean Days 2017!

Are you interested in working as an intern at Herculean too, or would you like to be part of the team at one or more of our events? Don’t hesitate to contact us!