Corporate wellbeing at BE NETWORKS


Corporate wellbeing at BE NETWORKS. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at BE NETWORKS, one of Europe’s biggest supplier of new, refurbished and used Cisco, HP, Juniper, Nortel Equipment and Sun microsystems.

BE Networks has a positive working environment and works with a young management team. This is part of the reason their corporate culture is built on positive vibes. Hard work is important, but so is having a laugh. Creating a positive corporate culture is very important according to BE Networks.

Corporate wellbeing at BE NETWORKS is central and also positive vibes among the workers. Employees are motivated to work for the company. Every two months BE Networks organises an activity for their workers. These activities include diners, gokarting, trips, Christmas party, BBQ’s and so on to keep the positive vibes at their highest.

BE Networks is involved with Corporate Social Responsibility. They sponsor some social projects like the Ruud van Nistelrooij Academy and the Orange Grove. The Ruud van Nistelrooij Academy worked with children who have lower opportunities to develop their talents from home. The Orange Grove supports the Greek Youth to start up a new company. BE Networks coaches these ‘start-ups’ and sponsors this facility.

Here are some keywords that describe their company culture:

  • Work hard, play hard
  • Humour
  • Party culture
  • Power
  • Success
  • Loyalty
  • Youth
  • Energy
  • Belief
  • Commitment
  • Happiness

Based on these words we can tell that there is a lot of room for fun and humor around the workplace, but the list doesn’t lack powerful words or terms like success, commitment and belief.

BE Networks is a company with a great corporate culture. By stressing that hard work is important but so is having a laugh, BE Networks proves to be an organisation that values a good atmosphere where employees feel comfortable. Organizing activities is part of their plan to maintain the atmosphere. By being involved with several CSR projects, they show that they care about things outside their world as well.