Corporate wellbeing BORGinsole


Corporate wellbeing BORGinsole. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at BORGinsole, an expert in producing tailor-made soles. They have a broad customer list filled with know athletes.

Corporate wellbeing BORGinsole. BORGinsole attaches great importance to developing the talents of their employees. Trainings are a must for the company, especially for the podiatrists.  BORGinsole even has one employee dedicated to collecting information on conferences, though every employee can make his or her suggestions.

Together, they take a closer look at the budget, timing and content of the proposed conference or training and in the end they decide which conferences or trainings are worthwhile. Every year, BORGinsole takes their employees to at least one domestic conference and one foreign conference. In 2013, they attended no less than 13 conferences to gain knowledge about their field.

BORGinsole has also implemented a great flexible staff policy. Every individual has a personal working schedule. Every schedule is made in dialogue with the head of staff and the employees, in which working at home is promoted. Currently, there are 2 podiatrists who work at home during 2 days a week.

Health is key to BORGinsole. They have a straightforward health policy. For starters, the company has a strict non-smoking policy. It’s their firm belief that employees can’t work with patients or clients when they smell like cigarettes. Next to that, BORGinsole’s employees motivate each other to live a healthier lifestyle. Healthy food plays an important role in that and actively facilitates a healthy diet. Salads are always on the lunch menu, for instance and there’s at least one team day per year that’s got a sports activity. BORGinsole works hard, but also likes to party! Every year they organize at least 1 team day and they’ve attended 2 Hercules Trophies so far! Their founder & CEO Gratienne Sioncke fully understands what the event is all about. Fun, as she states, is an important aspect, but there are tremendous networking opportunities as well. Watch her interview here.

On special occasions like winning the WOMED Award, BORGinsole does something big. In this case, a visit to Disneyland for all employees. Aside from these special occasions, the company also organizes a team meeting and lunch every two months, ranging from spaghetti to BBQ or something similar.

In conclusion, we can say that BORGinsole is a company that takes care of its employees and one that strongly focuses on their health and further development. By offering training programs, participating in events and visiting conferences they continue to invest in their employees.