Hercules Trophy is (also) about cost sharing


Hercules Trophy is (also) about cost sharing. Have you ever had a first look at Hercules Trophy because you wanted to participate, but were you stopped by the thought: “too expensive”? Then the time has come to demystify some major prejudices. Our customers will tell you that it’s quite the opposite! Hercules Trophy saves you money and increases your productivity.

“I used to think that Hercules Trophy was expensive. But then I visited the event last year and loved the whole vibe. When I looked at the price, I was surprised to see that the event is in fact affordable”, Laurent Smets from BMW Smets garage in Lier, Belgium. “We have a long tradition of organising all sorts of great events for our customers and employees. When I compare the cost of those events with Hercules Trophy, you get a lot of value for a low cost.We have booked several teams for the 2017 edition and will have our Family Day there too!”

“The pricing is reasonable because of the volume advantage we have and the very long track record”, Inge Van Belle, co-founder of Herculean.”All participants together share overhead costs that they would normally pay themselves. We invest in innovation every year to create even more value for all. We drive innovation within the concept and don’t have to reinvent the wheel every year, like event agencies have to. We make the concept stronger year after year, just like any other festival, based on the feedback of our fans. That’s why people come back every year.”

Hercules Trophy is (also) about cost sharing. Are you actually aware of the cost of Hercules Trophy? Did you know that it’s modular with separate, and very competitive (including early bird reductions), priciteambuildinghtng for:

  1. Participants
  2. Supporters
  3. Families (small and big children)
  4. VIP’s
  5. Catering
  6. Upgrades like company tables, company zones or sponsoring

Did you know that 99% of the participants don’t mind paying a part of their own drinks or supporter fees? Do you know another company event where employees are willing to pay a part themselves?

“Before we discuss price, we need to consider value. Are you aware of all the challenges you are facing that we can solve with one solution?”, is a typical question we ask.

  1. You want to reward your employees or customers with an unforgettable experience, regardless of generation and athletic skills?
  2. You want to show your brand and content to thousands of people online and offline?
  3. You want to network with hundreds of B2B people?
  4. You want to inspire employees, families and children in wellbeing during a day full of positive emotions?

Hercules Trophy is the only integrated solution that has an answer to all these problems on one day. But it’s not just one day. You get a build-up of several months and a lot of good vibes during and after.

The alternative:
organise separate solutions for every problem, but that will always be more expensive because of the cost sharing-advantage of Hercules Trophy.

  1. Organise a separate teambuilding, which we are happy to do for you through Hercules Projects
  2. Go to all sorts of networking events where you meet the same people and you pay at least 100 EUR for the good ones.
  3. Organise your own family day with all the headaches and costs that it brings. Again, Hercules Projects is happy to organise it for you.
  4. Organise a networking event yourself to meet new people. How will you convince people who don’t know you to come?
  5. Start a media branding campaign to a corporate audience.
  6. Organise an after-work party. Are you aware of the cost of a great DJ, decoration, food and drinks, etc.? Maybe we can help you with our Superstar DJ concept?
  7. Buy tickets for festivals, concerts, family parks… to reward people.
  8. Start an in-house corporate wellbeing program to inspire all your employees and not just the sporty people. Hercules Academy can help.
  9. Sponsor the registration fee of sporty people in your company (that’s maximum 10% of the population) when they participate in a marathon, obstacle race, cycling event… ask them to wear your T-shirt (and hope they won’t get injured).

And even if you pick separate solutions and believe it’s going to be less expensive, are you sure that each separate solution is better? We aim to make every single aspect of the Hercules Trophy great. We can because of the scale.

  1. Teambuilding: Will everybody like it regardless of generation, gender, religion, athletic skills? Will it have a long-lasting effect? Will it contain something for everybody? Will it inspire them to change something? Will it focus on teamwork or just on individuals having fun in a team? At Hercules Projects we know, it will be more expensive to organise your own teambuilding or company day.
  2. Networking: Are you sure you will meet a lot of new people? Or will you talk to the same old people about the same subjects? Will somebody enable you to meet new people? Are you sure totally new people will come to your event?
  3. Family day: Are you sure that all generations will like it and will show up? Are you sure they will connect with your brand? We organise family days with Hercules Projects and know it’s probably going to be more expensive.
  4. Branding and content marketing: Are you sure you will touch your audience?
  5. After-work party: Are you sure you will get the party going? Are you sure you want to do all the logistics and not enjoy it yourself?
  6. Festivals: are you sure that everybody likes the same music?
  7. Wellbeing programs: Are you sure it will be holistic? Are you sure everybody will like it? Are you sure you will have the return? Ask the expertise of Hercules Academy.
  8. Sport competitions: are you sure you need to inspire the sporty people even more to do sport?

Hercules Trophy is (also) about cost sharing. So in a nutshell, if you need to convince your CFO: Hercules Trophy provides a high value, long-lasting experience for a low cost to a B2B audience because it
combines expertise from different businesses and
has a volume advantage and sustainable tradition compared to single company events.

Hercules Projects and Hercules Academy build on the experience of Hercules Trophy to provide tailor made solutions.