Corporate wellbeing A&E Security


Corporate wellbeing A&E Security. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at A&E Security, part of the Connex Group and one of the biggest security system installers in Belgium.

One word to describe A&E Security‘s corporate culture, is “party”.  This doesn’t mean that it’s always party time at A&E security, but it is considered very important. They have Casual Friday, amongst other things and the terms Integration, Commitment and Humour are key to the organization.

The director of the company, Peter D’hondt, attaches great importance to bringing people of the different departments together. A&E Security has 4 affiliates: Brugge, Sint-Niklaas, Herentals and Jumet. They organise 2-3 events with and without teambuilding activities a year, to bring all the employees together. The company has their annual Summer Drink and New Year’s Party. Every event starts with an aperitif, followed by great food and a party afterwards. The locations of the events alternate to create proximity for everybody. The jubilees, the people that have worked for the company for 10, 20 or 25 years, deserve to have a moment in the spotlight and get rewarded for their efforts during those events.

Corporate wellbeing A&E Security is a big fan of sports-events too and they’re fond participators of the Urban Trail, a running competition in Brugge. It doesn’t always have to be super sporty though, as their past participations in the Hercules Trophy prove.

As stated earlier, commitment, Integration and Humour are words that have true meaning at A&E Security. They also have an extensive and intensive training program. Every technician who works for the company is invited to the Training Academy every month. Here, they learn every aspect from theory to practice. Every employee gets the opportunity to take retraining programs to further develop their talents.

It’s about more than just partying at A&E Security however. They really care about their employees and their happiness. The party culture they create, brings their people together and makes their employees feel like they are part of a large and interesting company who they are happy to work for.

These are the 10 words the company uses to describe itself:

  1. Just do it – the only way to change the world
  2. Humour – one laugh a day takes all sorrow away
  3. Dynamism – we go all the way
  4. Commitment – what transforms a promise into reality
  5. Loyalty – loyal to our values and to those who trust us
  6. EQ – because empathy needs no genius
  7. Empowerment – the world is ours
  8. Integration – great things happen when we think further
  9. Casual Friday – clear eyes and full hearts, can’t lose
  10. Fingerspitzengefühl – we must understand before we judge

We can conclude that A&E security is a company that focuses on the happiness and wellbeing of its employees by creating a party culture. They stand by words like Commitment, Integration and Humour. They bring the 3 different departments as close together as they can, by organizing several events and participating in sports-events. Besides the party culture, they have a serious side as well. By offering an extensive and intensive training program and inviting every technician to their Training Academy every month, they show that they are in it for the long run when it comes down to employee happiness and productivity.