Corporate Wellbeing Intation


Corporate Wellbeing Intation. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at Intation, a company that specializes in improving business performances with the help of automation tools, software and hardware.

intation-outlawsIntation tries to reduce the stress that comes with daily traffic jams by offering the possibility to spend the night at a hotel for its employees whenever needed. They’ve installed flexible working hours as well, which is a more long term approach to the issue. Besides this incredibly generous offer, Intation allows surfing on social network sites during working hours, which further increases the relaxed feeling in the office. An open and pleasant atmosphere, is crucial for the company.

Corporate Wellbeing Intation. They participate in teambuilding events as well to improve their employees’ motivation and morale. By participating in 2 Hercules Trophy‘s so far, they have shown that they care about their employees and the strength of their teams.

So who’s lucky enough to get in? Students at the University of Antwerp and the College ‘Plantijn’ Antwerp are more likely to get an employment or an internship. Next to that, the recruitment of their employees is done via a special program in collaboration with VDABLinkedIn is another tool they use to find and attract the right talent. They’re not currently hiring, but they’re always interested in specialized IT professionals.

We can conclude that Intation mainly focuses on reducing stress in the office. They care about corporate wellbeing and offer several special extras to improve the atmosphere in the office.