Examples of dishes that include offal, like sausages or terrines for overall well-being

Nose to Tail?


Do you include beef tongue in madeira & foie gras in your diet? If so, you’re partaking in one of the hottest culinary trends that promotes well-being (and it’s actually as old as time!)

It’s been some time, but I’m back. I finally took the vaccine with a bit of mixed feelings. I felt weak for a few days, but no extra arms, so it seems we’re going be just fine.  Today I wanted to discuss a about a particular diet and how it directly affects well-being. I took into liking it thanks to my wife, who comes from Argentina.  The “Nose to Tail” diet.

“Nose to Tail”, isn’t another fad diet, it’s an ancestral practice, the original way of eating some would argue. It means to eat everything: organs, tenderloin, ribs, feet, tail, just like our ancestors did… In case the adding organ meats, tendons, cartilage to your diet doesn’t sound too appealing, I hope I can make you reconsider. If you’re like me only eating chicken breasts, I ask you, what makes us so different to the people who kill the fox to wear its fur only? That’s right? NOTHING. Sorry if I hurt your sensibility, but these are facts and it may be time you start reconsidering expanding your pallet.

There’s actually a lot in it for all of us.  Personally, I don’t agree with strict vegan diets, although I respect them. IMO animal protein is necessary for overall wellbeing. Here I mention some strong points to support a “Nose to Tail” diet.

  • “Cartilage, skin and meat synergize when consumed together”, as explained by expert Chris Kesser
  • 1/3 of all food is being tossed before it is eaten. This kind of philosophy ensures that all the resources put into making a product (including water and fossil fuel) are not wasted in one cut. And with less animals raised, less CO2 so it’s definitely environmentally cleaner.
  • Most of all, it is inexpensive compared to muscle meat cuts.
  • Then there is the part of senseless killing. I am of the thought that it is natural for animals to kill and eat each other -although I’m not a fan of current farming styles, because they don’t respect animal well-being. But if we honor the death of a living being by virtually using every part of its body, then there is some sense to it.
  • If we think about our ancestors, which brings me to the Incas who would devour the fresh raw hearts (a CoQ10 powerhouse!) of their enemies to gain their strength (and so many other cultures actually). Of late, several supplement companies have specialized in organs following principles of “homostimulation” or the “like supports like” philosophy. Wouldn’t it be easier to just EAT the organs???
  • Liver is nature’s multivitamin: it is nature’s most nutrient dense superfood and the only meaningful source of vitamin A, rich in heme iron, zinc, folate and B12.
  • Collagen is the latest supplement craze for skin and hair…if only we’d make more bone broths at home like our grandmas did…all these leaky gut issues would be a thing of the past. Everything has become so synthesized it’s unbelievable!
  • The ancient farming cycles would see a farmer raising an animal over the Spring and Summer, butcher it in Autumn and by Winter use every single piece of the animal. Farmers don’t raise beef tenderloins you know? They raise the whole cow. We should embrace the natural cycles of the farm.
Sausages contain blood, cartilage, fat.

Ok, so you’re in…How can you start ?

  1.  Make sure that, if it the organ you will be eating isn’t organic (ideal), that at least it’s grass fed, hormone free and AB free (your overall well-being depends on it)
  2. If you still have your grandma around, ask her some recipes, you’d be surprised the knowledge they carry around.
  3. Go to your charcuterie and make a platter with some artisan sausages, some terrines and serve them with something less unknown like bread, mustard and pickles
  4. Google recipes.
  5. Start little by little with one piece, like tongue and learn to prepare them in a similar fashion of something that is familiar and then get adventurous! Engaging in healthy lifestyles will contribute to your well-being and peace of mind!

This is it. Bon Appétit!