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Hercules Trophy Dubai 2022 challenges announced


The 12 challenges of Hercules Trophy Dubai are announced. Hercules Trophy is the coolest corporate team challenge on the planet. Teams of 5 to 7 people battle it out against market competitors in 12 unique team challenges, we call them “labours”.

The competition has officially started. Teams can win crucial points before the actual event.🎯

✅ Select a joker and get an accelerator during the day
✅ Gather supporters and win the coolest team award
✅ Create a complete team profile and win 5 points
✅ Challenge other teams and win up to 6 points

This is what Hercules Trophy is all about: unique team challenges, lots of fun, online and offline journey, everybody feels like a hero, awards, referee, marshalls, monitors, leaderboards, and a bit of luck. We believe in the power of gamification to increase employee engagement. 💖

It’s not too late to register your team(s): www.herculestrophy.ae

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