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Bravos! – Employee Engagement Awards Dubai launched


Dubai – 8 March: The Bravos Employee Engagement Awards are coming to Dubai! A new era of recognition dawns in Dubai as Herculean Alliance, Eleven, and Omnicom Media Group ME unite to introduce the Bravos to the UAE. It’s a journey to up your employee engagement game.  

Elda Choucair, CEO of Omnicom Media Group ME, assumes the role of Chairwoman, expressing enthusiasm for this groundbreaking initiative. “We recognised a need for a fresh approach in the GCC business landscape. Conventional methods were falling short. The Bravos, derived from the proven Employee Engagement Awards by the Herculean Alliance in Belgium, offer a dynamic platform for fostering genuine employee engagement. Together with the founders, we’re proud to rebrand the format to the Bravos and bring this innovative concept to the GCC market, with the invaluable support of Eleven (1+1=11), the esteemed people engagement network.”

We are also proud to announce that Aysha Alawadhi will be President of the Expert Jury. She is a Dubai native Human Capital specialist with international experience in various industries, both in the public and private sectors. In the coming weeks, she will create a diverse team of expert jurors. We are actively looking for a President of the NextGen Jury.

Meet the team here.

What are the Bravos Employee Engagement Awards?

The Bravos have been created to support and award companies that create authentic employee engagement. They embrace diversity, welcoming companies of all stripes, provided they exhibit the right mindset. We emphasise vulnerability, sharing, connection, and learning—essential for meaningful engagement. In our selection process, we prioritise authenticity and dedication over mere accolades.

In the initial phase, candidates craft compelling cases on employee engagement within their organisations, guided by our expert coaches. These cases undergo rigorous evaluation by two distinct panels: the next-gen and expert jurors, who offer invaluable feedback. Successful candidates proceed to a captivating pitching event, showcasing their strategies amidst a community of peers and industry experts. The journey culminates in a grand awards show, where deserving winners grace the red carpet.

Throughout the year, we organise Lab events where the candidates can connect with the rest of the community. The team of Eleven (1+1=11) facilitates those labs.

Why is Employee Engagement important?

Employee engagement is a complex challenge for every business leader. We call it a wicked problem. It’s the number one priority because employee engagement drives customer happiness, positively impacting the bottom line, and much more.

Despite the many initiatives in the market, employee engagement numbers remain low. To solve a wicked problem, you must build a diverse community that helps members connect, listen, share, innovate and celebrate breakthroughs.

Yves and Inge, the visionaries behind the Employee Engagement Awards in Belgium, bring a wealth of expertise to the Bravos. Inge has a corporate background and is a renowned keynote speaker and author of the book “Employee engagement, what else?“. She is also a Stanton Chase partner and was elected 50 under 50 in MEA. Yves is known as the founder of pioneering engagement formats like the Hercules Trophy and Pink Ladies Games and brings a proven corporate track record.

The Employee Engagement Awards have garnered widespread acclaim in Belgium, boasting a thriving community of candidates, experts, jurors, coaches and sponsors. The TV show received the highest number of viewers on Kanaal Z, the most prominent business TV channel. With the transition to the Bravos, inspired by the prestige of events like the Oscars and the Effies, we aim to replicate this success in the GCC.

Together with Eleven (1+1=11), Omnicom Media Group, inspired by the Oscars and the Effies, we rebranded the format to the Bravos and launch it in the GCC. We are proud that Elda Choucair, CEO of Omnicom Media Group ME, joined the adventure as the Chairwoman. Joe Sejean and his team from Eleven (1+1=11) will help us facilitate the concept here in Dubai. As of today, we are starting to look for sponsors, NextGen, and Expert jurors. Would you like to join one of the juries? Send us your candidacy.

Are you interested in joining the journey with your company as a candidate? Let’s plan an intake conversation.