First Herculean Decathlon Trophy

First Herculean Decathlon Trophy. Decathlon, the retailer par excellence that wants to make sports accessible for everyone, aims to attract employees who are engaged to the Decathlon brand itself on one hand and sports on the other hand.

Well aware that engagement is crucial, Decathlon Belgium organizes a teambuilding event twice a year for these sports enthusiasts.

With the amount of young and driven talent, it won’t surprise you that a company from the sports industry such as Decathlon typically creates their own teambuilding events. But when you are processing millions of products each year, it is apparent that ‘available time’ is often a very limited resource. This led to the Fabrica business unit of Herculean Alliance receiving the request to create an unforgettable, winter themed teambuilding event for all those energetic Decathlon colleagues. The previous can be taken quite literally since everyone was equal on the Decathlon Trophy, no matter if they were executives or workers.Decathlon_Logo

The concept –based on 20 years of experience turned out to be a hit. The chosen challenges received nothing but praise from participants. “Great teambuilding activities without clichés!” We can’t word it any better. The location and recently renovated brick works “Den Oven” in Belgium also received a lot of compliments. The competition itself already started weeks beforehand. Thanks to the separate event website, colleagues were able to put together and manage their teams themselves. By getting online votes, teams were already able to receive their first award. Not unimportant: that same platform ensured that the majority of the participants was properly informed.

On the day of the event this resulted in a smooth registration and very enthusiastic team members! On arrival, some nice outfits immediately caught attention but above all: 250 smiling faces. Perfect to start the day!

During the brain labour with Decathlon inspired questions, as well as during the actual challenges, it soon became clear that it wasn’t competitiveness that took the upper hand, on the contrary, togetherness and fun were the keys to success.

Naturally, a Trophy without awards is as a pub without beer and so, with a drink and a bite, the best, smartest, best dressed up, most Fair Play and coolest teams were called up to the front to collect their trophy. With a delicious pasta in hand, a tasty drink (fanta-rosé mix, someone?) and swinging people, the evening was closed in beauty.

The result? An amazing day to look back upon for weeks in the eyes of the colleagues. Seeing as much people connect with each other will always remain a privilege. Thank you Decathlon!

Do you not have the time to set up your own teambuilding? Or simply looking for an original and above all unforgettable team activity for your company? Contact us below.